• What if you had jumped on the cell phone bandwagon when it was new?

  • What if you were one of the first to market Yahoo, YouTube, MySpace or Google?

  • What if you had cashed in on the pharmaceutical revolution, the boom years of gold, the stock market before it leveled out… or more?

Let’s face it – there are very few uncharted territories in the business world, but one thing is for certain – as baby boomers continue to age, they will aggressively seek out newer and more in-demand ways to look younger, stay younger, be younger, and yes – even act younger.


Join One of the Fastest Growing Industries Available Today and Build a Multi-Million Dollar Business!

With Vernon Cole Consulting as your mentor and coach, you can:

  • Add 1, 2, 3 or more Hair Restoration Services to your existing salon business.

  • Offer “The Big 3” (Surgical Hair Transplantation, FDA-Approved Therapies, Non-Surgical Cosmetic Procedures) all under One Roof

  • Be an Entrepreneur in a Proven, Ever-Growing Field

  • Own Turnkey Licensing Rights to an Established Multi-Therapeutic Clinic

  • Become the Hair Restoration Institute of Your Territory

Whether you are a single-modality hair restoration business owner, an owner-operator looking to get out from behind the chair, or are simply looking for proven strategies to create a new business or to enhance an existing operation, look no further than Vernon Cole Consulting (VCC), a nationally known self-made success.

Get in the Game

With Vernon Cole Consulting, you can make it a Winning Season, Every Season!
Schedule a FREE One-Hour Coaching Session, including:

  • Free Tour of our Multi-Therapeutic Clinic In Minneapolis, MN

  • Meet Our State-of-the-Art Medical Team

  • Learn the Latest Technologies Available in the Hair Restoration Industry

  • Discover How to Build Your Own Business!

With years of experience in the Hair Restoration industry, Vernon Cole provides high quality, forward-thinking consulting services.  Our highly-personalized approach ensures that you work with senior-level consultants on every aspect of your business and throughout the process.





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